His nail polish turns me on…

My daughter hates bath time, so her Dad has started using bribery to help him get her into the tub. The conversation has become quite predicable:

Jake: “Saylor do you want to take a bath?”

Saylor: “No tubby Daddy!”

Jake: “If you take a bath, I’ll paint your nails…”

Saylor: “okayyyyyyy”

Saylor then reluctantly walks towards the bathroom and along the way she demands bubbles in her bath. I am normally cooking dinner in during this process (our way at tackling the domestic duties tag-team style), so I get to listen from a far. The actual bathing process is quick and painless, but it sounds as if there is a torture chamber in our bathroom. Saylor is dramatic just like her mother. Within minutes Saylor and her Dad emerge from the bathroom unharmed, lathered in lotion, and ready for their nail painting party.

This time Saylor throws a wrench in her father’s plans…

“Daddy, I want to paint your nails” she says as she gives him a flash of those big puppy dog eyes.

Jake looks my way, “Do we have nail polish remover?” he asks.

I nod and try to contain my smile. On the inside I’m dying of laughter because I know this man cannot say no to his little girl. She has him wrapped around her finger.

Jake exhales with the same “okayyyyyy” Saylor used before bath time, “pick out a color” he says.

Saylor searches through the bag of colors and picks out the deepest green and brightest pink.

This is going to be good I think to myself…

The end result:

finger nails


After dinner Jake helped me with the kitchen and got the house ready for bedtime. Jake seemed to forget his fingernails were still painted…. Until the next morning.

I woke up to him trying to get frisky. As previously stated in other posts I am VERY pregnant. Any woman who has been pregnant knows that sex positions in the third trimester are limited ( https://www.pinterest.com/pin/83316661830619871/ ) . We tend to go with doggy style (this information has a point I promise!). So needless to say we both finish and I’m laying with my head on his chest, large belly exposed, and he puts his hand on my tummy as we relish in each other before the day starts. It’s then I notice his nails and say with laughter, “That’s the first time I’ve slept with a guy wearing nail polish”.

Immediately he responds in his manliest voice, “Talk about a buzz kill, I had to do a double take when I saw my hands grabbing your hips from behind! I Almost lost it for a second!”.

We both roared with laughter, and I gave him a big kiss to secure his manhood again.

See guys everything changes when you become a father:

Even nail polish is sexy.


One thought on “His nail polish turns me on…

  1. alexandrachase says:

    Hi Casey! I have to laugh as I leave this comment for you because I just noticed that you left a comment for me too! I didn’t even notice your name; your awesome headline grabbed my attention! Your blog has excellent visual appeal. I love the artistic, colorful background, and the funny picture is perfect for your theme. You have a great writing style. It’s smart and humorous, and easy to read. You tell stories in a way that makes the reader want more! My only suggestions for improvement would be to review for typos and punctuation. I know for myself, I have to re-read several times because I often miss things when my thoughts come out faster than my typing. You can turn URL’s into links by typing any word to serve as the link, then click on the chain symbol to insert the website address into it. Great job! I look forward to reading more of your blog!


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